Life Is Full Of Second Chances. They Aren’t Always A Bad Thing.


Til Love Do Us Part SS1

Second chances are hard to come by. And when presented with such opportunities, the first reaction is usually “don’t screw it up this time.”

We freeze up, over-analyze, and let our past hold us back. But what we don’t realise is that life does equip us to work with second chances. Life experiences and perspective will not leave you out in the cold.

Like in this inspiring real life story about a formerly mute musician paying it forward, a little perspective helped.

Parabole Singer OBW SS1

There is no conceivable good in losing your voice as a singer. But as that short documentary proved, Crystal Goh found a silver lining in her experience — she learnt empathy, and she passed it on.

Here are two more awesome films on second chances. These lessons are treated lightly, served with a tinge of humour, irreverence, and without varnishing the fact that yes, life is dull, and yes, life sometimes throws you a curveball.

Sometimes, it’s for the better.

#1 – ‘Checkmate’ by N Mohamed Yahssir on Viddsee:

A precocious young boy helps a murderer open up to his dark past over a game of chess. As they ponder their next move, the murderer learns a lesson making life choices in the present, not just dwelling in his past


#2 – Watch ‘Til Death Love Us Apart’ <<爱死你>> by Goh Ying Sheng on Viddsee:

In a strange twist of fate, two would-be-suicide victims bond over their grief and find themselves, and each other.

We hope you enjoyed these awesome films! They inspired us to hold on to second chances and not just sit on the thought of it, but to also get into action.

On that same note, here’s another film about taking chances: watch ‘Staring At The Sun’ by Tay Lide, about a man on death row who risks everything for his last meal

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