He’s Just A Temporary Filler, A Convenient Distraction


Ring Pendant ss6 krk.jpg

It always begins innocently.

A curiosity. A friend, someone to fix a tech problem. A flurry of midnight texts. A listening ear.

Ring Pendant ss7 krk.jpg

One takes it more seriously than the other, but it’s a meandering road, a darkness that lies ahead only as its certainty.

It’s a convenient distraction. A temporary filler.

Ring Pendant ss4 krk.jpg

He’s got another lover in his pocket. This has to end before it begins.

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‘Between Ring & Pendant’ screened at the 15th Korea Queer Film Festival, The Mix Mexico Festival, Frameline 37 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, Vinokino: Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and the Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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