Is It Selfish To Choose Ambition Over A Sick Parent?


When-It-Rains-At-Home-SS1 KRK

A son returns home to an ailing dad, and an opportunity to further his career.

The monsoon season is blessing for paddy farmers like Fared’s dad. When the seedlings sprout, the muddy fields become a swathe of green.

The same calm and landscape meets him at his father’s home.

But like the monsoon, his return is temporary.

When-It-Rains-At-Home-SS2 KRK

He’ll have to choose between following his dreams, and taking care of his ailing father.

The house cat isn’t going to care for his dad, whether he wishes it or not.

Tough decisions are ahead of him.

Watch ‘When It Rains At Home’ by Lim Chee Yong (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Chee Yong’s film screened in Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, and at the Manhattan International Film Festival.

Here’s another insightful short film on a parent’s love, ‘The Promise’ by Clayton Lai, a heartwarming story about a widowed father and his son

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