This Mother Wanted The Best For Her Family, She Would Even Bleed



It was a typical weekday night. Everyone’s doing the usual — the kids are watching TV, dad is dozing off on the couch, and mum is prepping dinner in the kitchen.

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A gasp and a clatter later, everyone is shocked out of their routine. Mum had cut herself on the wrist. A rather bizarre kitchen accident.

Mother On Chopping Board SS3

A family meeting is called, and they proceed to interrogate poor mum about the details of the incident. How did she slice herself on the wrist? How was she holding the knife? What was she chopping?

Why was she crying?

Watch ‘Mother On The Chopping Block’ by Choi Su Ji (South Korea) on Viddsee:

This film received the Excellent Award at the Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival. It was also featured in several film festivals, such as at Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul, The Korea Youth Film Festival and at the University Film Festival Of Korea.

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