Two Races Came Together But Something Sinister Threatened Their Peace


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For Malaysians, this story seems so familiar that it seems to tell itself, that at every turn there’s a real fear that the inevitable will happen.

Here’s up to us to make it different.

The story begins in 1941 in a small village in British Malaya. Xiao Li and Melur are two young girls who could not be more different in temperament, attitude, race and language.

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Their first meeting is wrought with aggression. With nothing in common, Melur interprets Xiao Li’s shouts for help as a violent one and she throws mud in self-defence.

Yet they have to work together to save each other when they find themselves trapped in a pit. Alone with a heavy downpour threatening their safety, they have to get over their differences and disagreements in order to survive.

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A modern day allegory of race relations in a diverse and multiracial society, watch this thought-provoking tale of finding unity and read the director’s thoughts behind it after!

Watch ‘Seliseh’ by Ismail Kamarul (Malaysia) on Viddsee:


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