Senior Care Should Extend Beyond Medical Caregiving. Now It Can.


Living in an Asian society, there’s societal and cultural pressure on children to be the main caregiver to parents as they age. So much so that in China, elderly parents can sue their grown children for both emotional and financial support. Many of us have probably had phrases like “You better take care of me when I grow old” or “Remember what we’ve done for you when we are retired!” drummed into our heads since our early days.


It’s a responsibility shouldered later on in our lives. Some might outsource the medical caregiving to qualified professionals but still take on all other aspects of caregiving.


After working abroad for 15 years, Gillian Tee returned home to care for her ageing mother.


The question that fueled her was this: “How can I best care for my mother while enabling her to retain her independence and dignity?”


She, as a primary caregiver, recognised a mutual reluctance in other caregivers about voicing out their stress in shouldering this responsibility.

This made her realise that caregiving should focus beyond health and extend to personal, social and emotional aspects as well.


Thus, Homage was born.

Watch ‘Homage’, by Ng Yiqin on Viddsee!

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