This Sensuous, Mysterious Woman Turned Her Life Upside Down


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Elizabeth was open to try anything new, but her dating life offered little excitement. Then she walks in to a tourist, a visitor from Spain, a sensuous, mysterious older woman.

She was enchanted by Sirena, and hung on to every word she said, even if she had interrupted her date.

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Later that night, she finds herself at Sirena’s hostel room on an impulse, driven by a desire that she had not known of herself.

Sirena might just be another stranger, passing through, but something had awoken in her.

She’d gone into the deep end. It was a new dawn.

Watch ‘Siren’ by Louise Marie Cooke (United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains nudity, depictions of sexual acts. For mature audiences only.

More on the production here, more on the director here.

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