How To Explore Hidden Gems In Singapore’s Biggest Playground


In a time where international travel is no longer the norm, exploring local delights becomes the key to relaxing and sating the wanderlust within.

In Singapore, Sentosa Island, a childhood favourite of locals, can become new again with a fresh pair of eyes and burning curiosity. Watch these episodes and get inspired to travel local!

WATCH: Ep 1 – Somewhere Only We Know

On a photography assignment, a young man finds himself shedding his jaded frown for a genuine smile as he discovers new sides of the island he has never seen.

WATCH: Ep 2 – Grandpa’s Rebellion

A stressed out young boy is reminded that experience is the best teacher when his grandfather stages an unusually “rebellious” weekend.

WATCH: Ep 3 – The Last Selfie

On a family day out, a young teen gets a reminder to take a step back to be able to see the bigger picture of the things that truly matter.

WATCH: Ep 4 – The Secret

Can friends grow together despite living apart? Here is a testament to the fact that the best memories and relationships lie in the smaller details that should never be neglected.

This series is made in collaboration with Sentosa and directed by Rifyal Giffari. It was filmed before the spread of Covid-19 and the KidZania Singapore and Animal Encounters attractions as seen in ‘Ep 2 – Grandpa’s Rebellion’ have since closed. Find out more about the series here.

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