This Cheeky Old Man Taught His Grandson How To Rebel For His Own Good


Sentosa Presents Grandpa's Rebellion Short film

Being a student in Singapore can be a double-edged sword. With one of the most comprehensive education systems in the world comes unspoken pressure for students.

This was Jack’s dilemma during his school holiday.

Should school holidays be a time for fun?

The young boy was out with his grandfather but he was unable to relax. A sense of guilt ate away at his insides as he recalled his mother’s advice:

“…use the holiday to study for the next semester.”

Conflicted, Jack confessed his dilemma to grandpa who showed him a solution.

Experience is the best teacher

There was much that Jack had learned through books and in class. But there were plenty of fun learning experiences waiting to be encountered.

Sentosa Presents Grandpa's Rebellion Short film

With grandpa’s gentle encouragement, Jack got his hands wet and crafted life-long memories.

It was the most important lesson — about how each moment can be a learning experience if you make the time for it.

Watch ‘Grandpa’s Rebellion’ by Rifyal Giffari (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Grandpa’s Rebellion’ is made in collaboration with Sentosa. It is one of 4 episodes of the ‘Sentosa Presents….’ series. Find out more about it here.

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