Seven Years. It Took Them Seven Years To Avenge Their Parents.


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Koi and his sister Ah Mu are on the run. After seven years, they’ve finally managed to get their target — the triad boss who killed their parents.

He’s infiltrated the triad and his betrayal won’t be tolerated. Nor will his sister’s life be spared, as she’s the one who struck when everyone’s guard was down.

Their enemies are close behind. It’s a relentless, bloody chase, across the city, the pier, and then seeking refuge in a ship.

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Revenge runs deep in this family, and for Koi and Mu, it’s what bonds them as a family. There seems to be no end. But as they meet their fate, they held on to the most tender memories they had of each other.

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Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

The director made this short film as an undergraduate at the Beijing Film Academy, where it won Best Drama at the China International New Media Short Film Festival.

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