Meet Viddsee Juree PH 2019 Finalist Al-Jhun Virgo Of ‘Come On’


Sex education isn’t a taboo; but for many teenagers it happens soon enough, but often too late. Is right before engaging in the act… too late?

A scene from Come On (Sige na) by Al Jhun Virgo.jpg
A scene from Come On (Sige Na)

Juree Philippines 2019 finalist Al-Jhun Virgo’s aptly-named short film ‘Come On’, features a teenage couple in this exact scenario. They’re arguing over who should buy a condom, and it becomes one that they’ll never forget for life.

Al Jhun Virgo, director of comedy drama Come On (Sige na)2.jpg
Director Al-Jhun Virgo

Al-Jhun is a graduate from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who’s now working as a creative assistant in an independent film company.

Come On (Sige Na) is a six-person, low-budget,production, referencing the mumblecore styles of the Before Trilogies, Frances Ha, and Your Sister’s Sister.

Using Comedy To Talk About Real Life Taboos

“We chose this treatment because it’s the most natural way to convey the message; we talk about this taboos in the same way in real life,” Al-Jhun shares.

Their first drafts were more serious in tone, and set in a drugstore. They had to change the treatment due to budget constraints, but it was a choice that delivered the message and direction better.

The absurdity and hilarity in sex education, learning from our peers, is something we can all relate to. Joking about being perceived as a pervert, or being labelled as being loose, are real issues too.

On the set of Come On (Sige na) by Al Jhun Virgo.jpg
On set of a borrowed location, a friend’s dorm room!

“We’re proud of the production; because it is a fun watch for viewers and delivers a takeaway message that’s important.”

The film was shot not on a shoestring budget, but on a zero budget, Al-Jhun emphasised. No one got paid, but a lot of fun was had, and the versatility of production roles meant that everyone learnt something about the production.

Marvea Quisay, the production manager, doubled as the actor, and the actress Mavea Qruisay is a close friend!

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