A Shadow Followed Her, Weighing Her Down On Her Tracks



Sylvia is an accountant on track for a promotion. She knew that the pressure was on, but there was an extra weight on her that she couldn’t shake off.



She felt a shadow following her, weighing in her tracks. She tried to hide her anxiety, putting up a front and trying to get through her everyday routine alone, as her mother was away on a cruise holiday.


But slowly, she realises that the ominous presence had become more intrusive. It started as a low hum, but as days went by, nothing could sooth her nerves.

She became increasingly worried about her mother’s absence, and became even more paranoid about her colleague’s motives.



The shadow crept into her room and into her sleep.


She thought it was just a nightmare, but when she woke up again she realised that the shadow was always there, in the darkest depths of her mind, and that she could save herself.

Watch Sylvia by Sabrina Poon (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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