She Can Problem-Solve Anything, Except Her Mum. Was It Insurmountable?


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Think—an Asian Angelina Jolie with a taste for black leather jackets and eyeliner.

She’s fresh-faced, independent and most importantly — since this carries weight in her business — she has 35,000 Twitter followers!

Meet Soo Ling. New to the team, she schools her colleagues at ROFL on the ins and outs of social media. She’s clever, witty and, most importantly, the only competent member of at this social media agency in the mockumentary Get Social.

Soo Ling always manages ROFL’s hiccups, like that time she splendidly turned Leonard’s 18SX video into an ingenious marketing campaign.

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No challenge is too difficult for her.

So it’s ironic that her biggest obstacle is entirely personal. Her mother, Victoria Chew, is her company’s client. She finds it hard to dish out compliments, but generally has a lot more to say about Soo Ling’s choices in life, from relationships, fashion, etc.

She’s not her mother’s perfect daughter, although we do see her try.

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Face it—she’s not Rachel (more on Rachel here).

She’s not going to get the boys’ attention the way her mother wants her to. While you may not expect her to be dolled up anytime soon, she eventually gives way to please her mother.

Will Soo Ling finally be able to repair her rocky relationship with her mother? And when she sorts out her personal life, can she put ROFL on the right track?

Here’s an introduction to ROFL in the mockumentary Get Social. Watch Episode 1:

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George Young as Leonard Lee (Founder of ROFL)
Shane Mardjuki as Samuel Ong (Head of IT & Infrastructure)
Vanessa Vanderstraaten as Rachel Lim (Business Dev Manager)
Oon Shu An as Foo Soo Ling (Media Strategist)

Get Social was directed by Robert Tan and produced by Ervin Han.

Watch Episode 2, where the team finally admits they need a new hire — Soo Ling

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