She Could Win Anything She Wanted To, Except The Person In The Mirror


Yann SS_01

She can’t take the person staring back at her in the mirror seriously. Not with something so floral and flouncy. It’s something she would like to try, but it’s weird.

Yann’s more used to t-shirts and shorts. As a sportswoman, it’s what she lives and breathes in.

Yann SS_03

Yann SS_02

But sometimes, the rigorous pressure gets to her and she can’t help but wonder about life outside the sports arena. She could just be a normal girl, free to hang out with her friends and flirt with the boys.

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Yann SS_08

But it’s not so easy giving up the life she knows either, stoking that competitive streak in her and the sweet glory of clinching gold.

Yann SS_06

In the battle between head and heart, Yann learns there really aren’t any clear winners.

Watch ‘Yann’ (阿賢) by Jia-tang Ye (China) on Viddsee:

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