She Cut Her Hair And Embraced An Ugly Reality. Anything For Her Son.


Power of Women Tesco Ad SS_01

Life behind the wheel is a tough one for this taxi driver. We see him putting up with all sorts of customers; obnoxious loudmouths, fare-dodgers, sick drunks.

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There are two things looking down on him that reminds him why he does it. There’s the hidden envelope carrying his petty cash. And also a picture of his son, all tucked in place in the sun-visor.

Power of Women Tesco Ad SS_02

Power of Women Tesco Ad SS_03

This video looks like the tried-and-true tale of a parent’s love.

Power of Women Tesco Ad SS_06

Except it isn’t.

Watch the touching Tesco Lotus ad now:

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The ad was released by hypermarket Tesco Lotus for Mother’s Day in Thailand to celebrate the national occasion. It is also a birthday tribute to Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit, who has ruled over Thailand for more than 60 years.

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