She’s A Flesh-Eating Animal, Feasting On His Sleepless Nights


Seeking You by Jean-Julien Pous ss2 krk

This sensuous love letter is a lavish, feverish and emotionally-dense tour of lost love in Hong Kong.

Seeking You nw ss2 krk.jpg

This man raged, searching and sweeping the horizon, markets and alleys for a shadow of his memory of what they were.

He’s grieving. The memories of her devoured him, feverishly.

Seeking You by Jean-Julien Pous ss1 krk.jpg

She’s a lost lover, a lover of many. But her soul, her breath, was in the city.

Watch ‘Seeking You’ by Jean-Julien Pous (France) on Viddsee:

Jean-Julien Pous is China-born French filmmaker, who now lives and teaches at Kookmin University, in Seoul, Korea.

‘Seeking You’ was made while he studied at the Vancouver Film School. It was screened at multiple venues and film festivals worldwide, winning Best Animation at the Zuma Film Festival, Platinum Remi Award at WordFest Huston, Winner at Young Director’s Forum, Meribel and Best New Arrival at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. More on the filmmaker here.

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