She Didn’t Speak To Dad For 15 Years. Her Brother Tries To Reunite Them.


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Navigating relationships can be hard, especially when you’re stuck in the middle of a family feud. Filmmaker Nadan Pines decides that he’s had enough.

His sister, Naama, and their father live just ten minutes from each other in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. But the two of them have not met or spoken for well over a decade.

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When confronted separately, both father and daughter rattled excuses, faults and misjudgement from the past. Individually, the faults were slight, but compounded by years of resentment.

All attempts to reach out to each other were halfhearted.

Nadan had enough, and he goes on a mission to break their silence.

Dad had his conditions: the meeting must involve Nadan and they needed an activity to prevent awkward silences. There were no expectations of immediate reconciliation, but this would be a start.

In revisiting drawings from his childhood, inspiration strikes. Nadan decides that they will plan a treasure hunt for Naama’s birthday, and bring back the fun times.

And in the process of planning, Nadan starts to realise that his dad was only human, full of his own complex contradictions and irrational emotions.

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Here’s an honest, uninhibited exploration of the tangled web of family politics, and how we sometimes fail to celebrate the treasures right before us.

Watch ‘Treasure Hunt’ by Nadan Pines (Israel) on Viddsee:

Nadan’s film has won three awards: A CINE Golden Eagle in Fall 2012, Washington, USA; Best Documentary at the 2012 Hangzhou Asian Film Festival in China and the Second Prize winner at the 2012 Docaviv Student Competition in Israel.

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