One Last Fight For A Huge Payout, Before She Escapes With Her Love


Cherry Waves sw ss1 krk

She’s tired of it all. She’s tired of beating people up for money. She’s tired of pretending to be who she isn’t. She’s tired of being used.

Cherry Waves sw ss2 krk

She just wants to escape to somewhere far far away, where she can be herself and be with Patty. California maybe. Patty has never seen the sea.

Cherry Waves sw ss3 krk

One last fight. One big break. That’s all it will take to get them started on a new life.

She’s tired of fighting, but fighting is the only thing she’s good at. She’ll fight this one last time, to break free.

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Viewer discretion: Contains depictions of violence and sexual acts. For mature audiences only.

‘Cherry Waves’ won Best Drama at San Diego Film Festival, Best Narrative at HollyShorts, and more. It was also an official selection at BendFilm Festival, OutFest, Starz Denver, and JaxFest.

Find out more about the short film here.

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