This Mother’s Blessings For Marriage Was Hard To Get


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Eiichi hasn’t gone home for five long years, finally returning to his hometown in Okinawa with a fiancee in tow.

He dreaded this visit, and his fiancee was about to find out why. His mum was painfully tactless; his grandma unpredictable and feisty, packing a punch despite her age.

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With more screaming that she could care for, they were pelted, ridiculed and humiliated, coerced into a customary ritual, and turned away twice.

The women of the house were hung-up about his five-year absence. They didn’t like the idea of a sophisticated, urban woman marrying into the family.

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Even after they’ve passed a test, the women of the house refused to bless them.

Dejected, they headed home, but all was revealed in a will written by his late-father…

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What a spirited family!

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