She Found His Love Letters Only After Breaking Up With Him. All 90 Of Them.



Yu Yang had just proposed to Chen Wen. And she’d said no.

But he wasn’t the kind to give up. He asked her for 90 days. 90 days to prove his love and determination. 90 days to change her mind.


From then on, every day they met, he gave her a coin. 90 days. 9 yuan. If she didn’t change her mind, they would part ways. If she did, they would use it to get their marriage registered.

90 days passed, and even though they were together, the box with the coins was forgotten. There were more important matters — her career, getting their own place.


However, a misunderstanding led to them breaking up. She felt that he didn’t love and trust her enough.

And that’s when she discovered the secret behind the coins.


They were not just coins. They were love letters.


A letter for each of the 90 days. Each letter pouring his heart out to her, telling her how very deeply he loved her.

She was heartbroken. Was it too late?

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