She Knows Mum’s Side Of The Story. Her Dad’s Version Broke Her Heart.


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“Don’t answer any questions he asks…. we won’t have anything to do with him after today.”

Yu’s mother is prepping her for a strange meeting — a family reunion with her estranged father. A father who she thought had been dead for 20 years. A father she thought had not featured at all in her childhood.

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She remembers her childhood days, her abusive mum, her indifferent stepfather, but there is no trace of her father.

But he has turned up and he wants to meet them. Yu is not interested at all. But her father insists on meeting them.

In an old restaurant filled with memories of the 60s, the three of them confront one another over lunch. It’s a strange meeting, with a lot of revelations.

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The trip down memory lane that her father takes them on is nothing like what she’d expected.

Between her mum’s lies and life choices and a father who suddenly re-emerged, she can only return to her life as a complete stranger.

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The film has won multiple awards in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, including the Grand Jury Prize at Korea-China University Film Festival, Silver Award for Director Award Film Festival of Beijing Film Academy, Grand Jury Prize at the Tudou Microfilm Festival, Best Microfilm at the Macao International Film & Video Festival and the Jury Prize for Dramatic Film at Taiwan and Hong Kong Film School Festival.

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