She Knows Who The Rabbit Murderer Is. Problem? She Likes The Guy.


White Rabbit ss1 krk
He’s gotten into her head. And not in a good way.

Fourteen-year-old Grace is friendless, lonely, disturbed. She wants to run away, escape all the madness around her, but she can’t: she’s hunting down a rabbit-murderer in the school grounds, and then there’s this complicated relationship with a guy in class.

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One day, Grace stumbles upon the killer of the rabbits. She manages to save the one that was about to be killed, but now her head is all messed up.

He’s got to her, but she’ll have to control the overpowering new urges in her head.

White Rabbit ss3 krk

Watch ‘White Rabbit’ by Christina Yoon (USA) on Viddsee:

‘White Rabbit’ is part of our Korean American Film Festival New York channel on Viddsee.

It won the Award of Excellence at the 2014 Accolade Global Film Competition and was featured at the following festivals: Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Asians On Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Provincetown International Film Festival, Korean American Film Festival New York and the NewFilmmakers New York.

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