She Never Saw How Hard Dad Selflessly Slaved Away For Her



Sarann is a typical teenager. Absorbed in her mobile phone and the television, she’s oblivious to the real world and its problems.


Her father is a motor taxi driver who works hard to make a living and put Sarann through school. He has single-handedly taken care of her since she was very young.

For her, however, he and his profession are an embarrassment. She doesn’t help out in any of the household chores either.


When her dad asks her to try and reduce their electricity bill, she ignores him.

One day, her dad is about to go buy some medicine for himself when the electricity bill comes. It’s higher than before, and money is tight as usual.

He makes a tough choice, one that’s enough to jolt Sarann back to her senses.

But is it too late for her to switch her ways?

Watch ‘Switch’ by Voun Boren (Cambodia) on Viddsee:

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