She Overheard Her Sister Whispering In The Dark… To An Empty Room



It’s been a while since Marta was last home, but her father was nearing his end of days, and her mother needed her support.

Irene, her little sister, in particular, had a very deep bond with their ailing father and she wasn’t taking his impending passing very well.


Her behaviour was getting increasingly strange.

There was the time Irene got lost in the neighbourhood forest, and now Marta had just caught her talking to what appeared to be empty air.


But Irene was just reaching out to her own familiar support system.

There’s no helping her now.

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‘Don’t Look There’ has travelled widely to over 100 festivals all across the world picking up 15 awards along the way including Best Short Film at Fangofest Amposta, Tolfa Short Film Festival and Best Director at Soul 4 Reel Film Festival. For more on the film, click here.

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