She Parted Harshly With Her Husband Last Night. They Think He’s Dead.


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It’s a time of political unrest in Bangladesh. But Runu is not worried. For her, it’s just a regular day. Her husband has just left for work and she’s about to drop her son to school, when the phone rings.

It’s the police station. The bus her husband was in has been burnt down and she’s being asked to rush to the hospital.

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The Citizen ss4 krk

She’s unable to control herself in the taxi. They exchanged harsh words last night, over a petty matter.

She’s prepared for the worst, but this isn’t how it should end.

Watch ‘The Citizen’ by Khondokar Md. Jakir (Bangladesh) on Viddsee:

This short film was based on a short story written by Ashif Entaz Rabi.

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