Pretending To Be Blind In An Intimate Toy Shop Was Brilliant, Until It Backfired


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Little lies don’t matter, as long as nobody gets hurt. Right?

Mi Li set up her own adult toy business to spite her ex-boss. She was annoyed by his self-righteous, uptight approach to business. She proved herself a worthy competitor, cleverly fashioning the customer experience to be entirely free of other people’s judgement.

She pretended to be blind, and she realised that being blind in the adult toy business was great!

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Inhibitions were lowered, customers explored all the options offered at her shop without judgement. It was a stress-free environment.

There might be weirdos who walked in — like this young stalker boy, or a attention-deprived housewife — but she soldiered on as long as the cash register kept ringing.

Being blind had other advantages: she could feign ignorance, innocence, and was a convenient excuse to scare away unwanted attention.

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She had the entire system rigged up, and business was booming.

One night, she realises that she was so blindly focused on her business that she forgot that what goes around, comes around.

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She truly didn’t see it coming.

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