She Promised To Repay The Loan. He Got Paid In Kind… Unexpectedly.


Boundary ss1 krk

Sheng-Zhong left home in search for independence. He resisted calling home for money, and depending on his parents.

Money was tight. Yet, he extended a loan to a girl who found herself in an unexpected pregnancy.

She promised to repay the loan. Sheng-Zhong let the loan and promise lapse for as long as he could, until, he too, became desperate.

Boundary ss2 krk

He makes an awkward call to her, slightly embarrassed. She kept to her word, and showed up.

She promised to pray for him to find the kind of peace she has found.

Boundary ss3 krk

He got paid in kind… unexpectedly

Here’s his lesson on the value of giving, kindness, faith and trust.

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