Always The Dreaded Question: When Are You Getting Married?


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Mothers don’t care for awkward questions. She’s the best Korean girl in town. Her mom knows it, and so does she.

At 26, going on to 27, and definitely ready for marriage. Getting ready for prime-time is a whole lot of effort. There’s general hygiene, pruning, waxing, tweezing…

Best Korean Girl ss1 krk

And then there’s the whole ritual of turning the wardrobe inside out for an outfit. Then there’s the matching handbag, makeup, the list goes on.

Best Korean Girl ss4 krk

She knows what she is, and what she can do. But what does the perfect Korean girl do, when mom complains she needs to get married and sets her up with the perfect Korean man?

She pulls a quick one.

Watch ’26, Best Korean Girl’ by Paula Un Mi Kim (Korea) on Viddsee:

Paula’s film was featured at the Palmsprings ShortFest, Festroia AAIFF, San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Expresion En Corto.

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