She Stayed Watch, But She Couldn’t Protect Her Child From The Savagery Of The City


Wilds Are Not In The Wild sp ss1

A man drives his car unsuspectingly as two men on a motorcycle tail him.

He crosses paths with a woman goes minding her roadside stall, keeping a cautious lookout for her kids as they help out.

Wilds Are Not In The Wild sp ss2

But even her sharp maternal instincts cannot protect her young one.

Here’s a surreal, yet harshly realistic view of the fragility of life when one is just an innocent bystander.

Watch ‘Wilds Are Not In The Jungle’ by James Robin Mayo (The Philippines) on Viddsee:

Here’s another look at poverty and injustice. Watch ‘Out In The Cold’ by Wilfred Tan (Singapore), a documentary about the homeless.

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