She Waited For Change. It’s A Deep, Sad And Heartfelt Longing, For A New Dawn.


Bansuli The Flute ss2 krk

It’s a time of political change in Nepal.

After a decade-long civil war which cost more than 13,000 lives, the Maoists have come to the front-line, to compete in the national elections for the Constituent Assembly. They are promising change, progress and development.

Bansuli The Flute ss1 krk

However, the life of Bijuli, a 12-year-old girl, remains the same. She’s expected to be domestic, to be married off soon. But she’s interested in books, and more passionately, in her flute.

It’s a taboo though. Girls don’t play the flute, everyone tells her. “You’ll grow a moustache and a beard if you play it,” they warn.

Bansuli The Flute ss3 krk

But Bijuli finds ways to hone her skill with the instrument, much to the annoyance of her family.

Finally, the elections are over. The Maoist party has won. Change was in the air, but it could be all lip service. Bansulli’s longing for change is deep, sad and heartfelt.

The country cast away its past, but her new dawn has not come.

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