She’s Starting To Wish Her Father-In-Law Was Dead


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Kavita is trying. She really is. She brings her disabled father-in-law his meals, making sure he’s comfortable and content. She’s doing all she can to be a good daughter-in-law.

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But his blasted tapping is getting on her nerves. Every time he wants something, he goes tak tak tak with his teaspoon, summoning her to his bedside. Every day it’s tak tak tak, tak tak tak, and more tak tak tak.

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She feels increasingly trapped in her own home, her life consumed by her husband’s father. She needs a break. But when she brings up her problems with her husband, he dismisses her, calling her melodramatic.

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Her discontent and his disregard puts a strain on the household. As tensions run high and patience wears thin, Kavita feels herself get closer and closer to snapping.

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