She Wanted To Break Up. Something’s Fishy About The Whole Thing!


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It’s not him, it’s her? Nope, that line is always fishy, to anyone anytime.

In this case, both parties were to blame. This grilled meat vendor and his girlfriend started seeing each other less, and this was the confrontation.

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He knew she had changed. He always knew, because she couldn’t be more discreet about avoiding him as he worked on the streets. But she had her reasons, and it was all valid.

The Break-Up Nautilus ss6 krk

The relationship was damaging to her health, her dress, and her public conduct. She wanted out.

He conceded, and they parted ways, civilly.

The Break-Up Nautilus ss2 krk

But wanting the best for each other, civilly, too, is pretty fishy… too.

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