She Was Done With Her Teddy Bear. But He Had No Regrets.



This is the story of J, the teddy bear.

J found purpose in his being when a mother bought him at a shop and gifted him to her daughter.


The little girl adored J. She dressed him up, played with him all the time, and took him everywhere she went. From the breakfast table to bed, wherever she went, she took J.

J made her happy, and that made him happy.

Until the day he realised that she was all grown up and didn’t want to play with him anymore.


He found himself ignored, neglected, and finally… discarded.

And yet, there was not a single ounce of sadness or regret in him. He knew that he had fulfilled his dream.

The only dream he’d ever had.


Watch ‘Teddy Jay’ by Lee Phongsavanh (Laos) on Viddsee:

‘Teddy Jay’ was the winner at the 2012 Vientianale Film Festival and won 3rd place at the Esan Short Film 2013 (South East Asia Short Film Competition).

It is also part of our Luang Prabang Film Festival Channel. For more films from Laos, click here.

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