She Was Forced In A Closet. She Watched Happiness Fade Away.


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This is a happy family, her lover’s happy family.

Ariel exists in her lover’s life through the pretext of art classes, through snatches of time when Tara’s children and husband are away, and many moments between sheets.

They had many memories together, dreams, and fantasies.

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Ariel pressured Tara to reveal the truth about their relationship. They loved each other passionately and she wanted a future together.

But Tara forced her into a closet, and she remained in the dark, watching her fantasies slip away while watching Tara’s happiness through the cracks of the closet.

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There, she realised there were no more secrets between them, there was nothing left between them.

Watch ‘Between Us’ by Ping-Wen Wang (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Ping-Wen’s film won the Special Award of Excellence at the Screwdriver International Short Film Contest. The short, which is notably Ping-Wen’s first film with synced sound, was also an official selection at the 2014 Palm Springs International Short Fest, the 2014 Boston LGBT Film Festival and the 2014 Out Takes New Zealand, and has travelled to over 20 film festivals worldwide.

A Film and Television Production student at Loyola Marymount University, Ping-Wen takes a special interest in stories about women and the LGBT community. However, in an interview, she maintains that the genders and sexual orientations of characters should be “incidentally demographic”.

“It’s the question – the timeless, universal question – of love itself that matters most,” she says. “If real people love each other, those things are incidental.”

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