She Was Only Impressive When Eating, So Why Not Make It Her Job?



Sun Mi was a wholly unimpressive human until she started eating.

She had the amazing ability to devour massive amounts of food very quickly. It made for a weird human trick, but not an employable trait.


She finds inspiration in Ma Gudo, a former eating champion who was the first Korean to win at The World Chicken Wing Eating Competition.


But the bitter old man shoots her down with a dose of reality.

She wasn’t fast enough, nor was her fighting form good enough.


Her dreams were crushed before she even started, especially when she received a painful diagnosis.


Here’s how she finally made her mark on the world, one measured bite at a time.

Watch ‘The Poor Fighter’ by Jeongtae Kim & Jeongmi Mun (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘The Poor Fighter’ has travelled extensively across international film festivals including Tanzania, America, Italy and South Korea. It was awarded Best Short Film Prize at 2015 Hammerbrook Film Festival in Germany, and the Judge Special Prize & Actress at the 2015 Chungmuro Short Film Festival in South Korea.

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