She Was Labelled A Stalker. A Lesbian. But She Didn’t Care.



Everybody noticed how unnaturally Chi followed in Ling’s footsteps.

From physical proximity right down to the type of stationery, Ling noticed it too, but she never bothered figuring out why. Her classmates made fun of her ever present shadow.


It’s only when Chi is gone that she learns the reason for her constant companion. It boiled down to a moment that for Ling, was a memory quickly forgotten. But for Chi, it was a lifetime of gratitude.


We never remember the times we were kind. But others never forget it.

Watch ‘My Dear Classmate’ (我的跟班同學) by Ho Fung (賀峰) (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘My Dear Classmate’ was received with acclaim at the 2o15 Hong Kong Microfilm Awards Ceremony, winning the prize for Best Cantonese Film. The short film also took home the Silver Prize at the 7th Hong Kong Mobile Microfilm Festival.

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