She Was Ready To Leave The Nest, But Dad Wasn’t Ready To Let Go


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“I see. Ready to leave the nest, huh? Do whatever you want then.” said her furious Dad.

He had raised her to take over his school — their family business. But she’d already accepted a job offer as a teacher in Satun — where the children needed her more.

She thought he would understand. After all, he was a teacher too.

But he didn’t. In fact, he showed his disapproval in more ways than one. He remained completely unaffected as she packed her bags and left home. He didn’t even come to the door to say goodbye.

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Always There ss3 krk

She started her new life, but she knew something was missing.

She missed her dad, but she wasn’t sure if he missed her.

Memories of her childhood came rushing back. He’d been there with her through thick and thin. Always there to take care of her and protect her. How could he suddenly stop caring like that?

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And then she made a discovery. In a small box in a drawer was the revelation she wanted and needed.

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