She Had Near Perfect Exam Results, Yet She Lied To Her Dad


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Siew Fang is a model student and the perfect daughter, but it all changed overnight.

Her wheelchair-bound father depended on her to care for her siblings, she managed the household like a pro. She brought joy, happiness and stability to her family.

It all changed when she kept her examination results from her family. Disappointed, angry, dejected and betrayed by his own expectations, her father belittled her and shunned her.

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He refused to join them at the dinner table.

The house became cold.

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He later realised Siew Fang’s secret and her sacrifice: that she went above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

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‘Last Day of School’ was based on a true story, and was made for the OrangeAid Future Development Programme by NTUC Income in Singapore.

If you loved the music in here too, so did we. It’s the song Sapsorrow by Lanterns On The Lake!

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