She’s A Professional Surrogate Mother. She Loses A Bit Of Herself With Every Job.


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Leah’s job is fascinating, to say the least. She serves many clients, using her body to house their dreams — to have a child, to start a family.

Her clients are from all walks of lives: middle-aged couples, gay couples, career women. Being discreet is a big part of the job, too, but she, too, has her partner and lover she confides in. It’s a small industry, but they depend on each other for support.

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The job isn’t easy on her body, after all, she needs to be fertile, healthy, and be the best she can be for her clients.

She gradually decides to phase out this work, as she does not want to maximise her body and her life for the sake of others’ happiness. But it’s around the same time, too, that her lover decides to maximise her life with someone else…

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‘Eve Goes Through Labour’ screened at the Daejoen Independent Film & Video Festival.

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