She’s An Android In A Brothel, Broken Beyond Repair


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The repairman is here to fix a broken android, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her. Preliminary checks detected no issues, and neither did motor tests.

Turn On sw ss2 krk.jpg

Yet the android remains unresponsive. Stumped, the repairman checks her video memory to see what happened. What could have so profoundly broken her?

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He should have known. She’s an android in a brothel. There are some urges that people have that even androids can’t fulfil.

He’s about to see exactly what it takes to break an android’s mind.

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‘Turn On’ won Best Sci-Fi Short at Philip K. Dick Film Festival and Screentest Film Festival. It was also an official selection at many other film festivals, including British Urban Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and Bucheon International Film Festival.

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