She’s Been Waiting For The One. Will He Return?


An Unconventional Love Story SS3

She believes that destiny will unite her with a childhood sweetheart.

Nicole has been lonely all her life. As a little girl, the other children shunned her because of the birthmark on her face.

But young Nicole fell head over heels for that one boy at the playground, who smiled at her and offered her a soft toy.

An Unconventional Love Story SS1

Even as an adult, she still clings on to the hope that destiny will bring back her childhood crush.

One day, she finds a sketchbook left behind at her bookstore. She opens it to uncover a wonderful surprise: Drawings of her and the soft toy. Her soulmate was back.

An Unconventional Love Story SS4

All of a sudden, it seems like her fantasy is coming true. But in her excitement, she doesn’t notice the one who has been there all along.

Here’s an unconventional take on love and hope, chance and fate.

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