She’s Blindly Devoted To Him. He Loves Her In Ways She Cannot See.


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She makes him eggs the way he likes it. She cooks, feed and clothe him. Not because she has to, but because she finds joy in it.

She’s fiercely independent, fiercely loyal, and blindly dedicated to her husband. And he, to her. They are committed and tuned in to each other’s needs.

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But when an unexpected illness creeps up on her, she begins to have doubts about her marriage.

She’s shaken to the core and understandably worried about their relationship. She tried to imagine and to do everything to keep things organised, at the very least, but she was always tired.

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Her husband didn’t give up on her.

He, too, was blindly devoted, and loved her back in ways she couldn’t see.

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Blind Devotion ss2

She couldn’t see and didn’t need to know.

Love was what left unsaid.

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‘Blind Devotion’ was produced in partnership with the book launch ‘You and Me Forever’ written by Francis Chan.

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