She Just Moved In And She’s Cleaning Up, But The Apartment Won’t Let Her


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Anna came to Vienna to be with her boyfriend, but they broke up. Now she’s apartment-hunting. At least she lucked out and found this place: fully-furnished in the city, with ridiculously low rent.

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But as with all suspiciously-underpriced apartments, something isn’t quite right about this one. She’s trying to tidy up, but the old lady knick-knacks seem to just grow back into place.

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And the longer she stayed, the more she aged. She’s sprouting grey hair and wrinkles that don’t belong on a 25-year-old woman.

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She needs to escape before it’s too late, but the building manager says she can’t move out without finding a new renter. Otherwise, the apartment wouldn’t let her leave.
Who would she trick to take the cursed apartment? A certain ex-boyfriend in Vienna comes to mind…

Watch ‘Vienna Waits For You (Spitzendeckchen)’ by Dominik Hartl (Austria) on Viddsee:

‘Vienna Waits For You’ has screened at numerous film festivals worldwide, including Palm Springs International ShortFest, Shanghai International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Austrian Film Festival, and Rhode Island International Film Festival.
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