She Battles Villains In A Wedding Dress… With A Shark As An Ally!


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A physical shark. Not a real fish, but a real stuffed character before her eyes. In her room. Before her wedding dinner.

Jade loves her future husband, but all she wants is to put a pause on her life, because she cannot even. This isn’t the time to have cold feet, but with the stuffed shark as her sidekick she enters a virtual world which allows her to temporarily escape from reality.

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She finds herself entering a fantasy world, in a video game, a super fun universe reminiscent of classic arcade games such as Tetris and House of the Dead.

As a dutiful fiancée, Jade’s main aim is to save her future husband. She has to battle several villains like taunting priests. She even finds herself tied up by potty-mouthed relatives and face their judgement in a panel. They even shoot bowls of sharks fins soup at her!

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Wedding Avenge rd ss3 lg krk

Alas, will Jade be satisfied with her alternate life?

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Wedding Avenge rd ss6 lg krk

Wedding Avenge rd ss7 lg krk

Watch her here in action… in her wedding best!

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