She’s Now A Daughter-In-Law, And CNY Won’t Be The Same Again


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She was her mother’s pride and joy.

It was just the two of them; they lived a simple life with a warm hearth.

They celebrated every achievement and milestone together: her school grades, a scholarship, a new dish that became a tradition every Chinese New Year.

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When she finally left home to work in the city, she promised her mother to be home every Chinese New Year eve.

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They had their rituals, their little gestures of love, moments of tenderness and gentleness.

When the stresses of work got to her, mother knew more than she let on. Mother was always by her side, looking out for her and comforting her.

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They led a blessed life together, as she blossomed into a young woman and started a family of her own.

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She then realised that as tradition dictated, daughters-in-laws will have to celebrate Chinese New Year eve with the husband’s family.

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She imagined that her mother would be eating alone and that she had naively made a promise she couldn’t keep.

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But in truth, her family had just grown bigger, and their home was fuller with love.

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