She’s Talented, But She’s Just A Trophy For Her Boss. It’s A Mockery.


Mr Bartender Molly ss2 krkThe business is making a mockery out of her, and she’s cracking under pressure.

Molly is offloading her work stress over a drink, with Mr Bartender. Work has overtaken her private life, her boss sees and treats her as just another trophy, her clients are deplorable.

Mr Bartender Molly ss1 krk

She’s proud of her work. She slaves over her work, and slaves for her clients, but satisfaction is hard to find.

The job of a designer was a dream, and she’s clinging desperately to the same dream, no matter how nightmarish it may be.

Watch ‘Mr. Bartender: Episode 3’ by Jack Hsu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Molly’s story is part of the four-part series Mr Bartender on Viddsee.

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