She’s Walking Right Into A Concentration Camp, With A Purpose


Salvi SS_03

This dystopic future is a stark one. Earth has been stripped of its resources resulting in a severe landscape and an even worse mindset.

Salvi SS_04

Women are hunted like dogs and rounded up in camps to prevent unrestricted reproduction. It’s a brutal reality. As a child, Salvi witnessed the kidnapping of her sister and the murder of her parents. She’s been out for blood ever since.

Salvi SS_01

With short hair, baggy clothes and a tough demeanour, she treads the murky underbelly of society alone for any shred of information.

Salvi SS_02

When she saves another child, Abet, she finally finds a clue.

Salvi SS_05

And as the threads of truth unwinds, she finds herself reeling with horror…

Watch ‘Salvi’ by TM Malones (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Salvi’ won first place at the Sineng Pambansa Iloilo International Film Festival. It was later developed into a full-length feature film and released in cinemas in 2013.

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