She’s Wearing That? With So Much Eyeshadow? Totally Judging.


Jeepney SS_01a

The poor single mother and her two needy children.

The Jeepney SS_04a

The cheating couple with their illicit affair.

The Jeepney SS_02a

The heavily made up duo exposing so much skin out so late together at night asking for trouble.

This was the judging lens the guy saw the world through. Even if it wasn’t fact, the fiction he believed became true once he thought it.

The Jeepney SS_01

One night, on the way back home on public transport, he finds his beliefs coming into question. A person’s true identity is a lot more than your mere appearance and a first impression, as he finds out a little too late.

Watch ‘The Jeepney’ (Sarao) by John Paolo C. Marquez (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘The Jeepney’ was awarded Best Screenplay, Best in Audio and Viewers’ Choice Award at the 5th Sine Bulacan State University Film Festival in 2015.

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