They Wanted To Hide Their Relationship. But They Forgot What Mattered.


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Jing is anxious because her parents are coming to town. That wasn’t a problem. The problem was that they don’t know about her boyfriend, Kevin.

They’ve made an understanding about the logistics of the day — he has to move out. But with the clock ticking, Jing was frustrated that Kevin doesn’t seem to care.

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She picks on him for oversleeping, smoking in the room, and not packing.

It’s not as sexy or common as love, but a big part of relationships is in logistics. Kevin wasn’t respecting the logistical arrangements of their relationship.

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There was little love between them, they’re spending most of their time bickering: pack, pack, pack, was all Jing can think of.

She thinks he doesn’t care. But soon enough, Kevin gets the hint, and he takes matters into his own hands.

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And suddenly, Jing feels a painful emptiness: she got so caught up in keeping appearances that they forgot about each other.

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