This sailor goes whale hunting. Not for food, oil, nor science. But for his leg!


Captain Shmelly & the Sperm Whale (Still 4)

It isn’t a good idea to go on a warpath with a delirious heat stroke on a shabby little boat.

But it makes for good, silly comedy. Adrift at sea and on a hunting mission, Captain Shmelly is a rum-loving sailor on the trails of a whale that ate his leg.

The years of being exposed to the elements takes a toll on him, clouding his judgement. He’s certainly on track, but also a little off.

Captain Shmelly & the Sperm Whale (Still 3)

This story wasn’t hatched while sober, according to the director Sacha Goedegebure. He pitched this idea to his executive producer Tang Chi Sim at Omens Studios.

It seems like a silly little story, but Tang was onboard, and set the design and production team to task.

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The first draft is almost identical to the end product. Sacha and his team added only one additional fart in the ending scene.

Clearly, having fun is a big part of Omens Studios’ culture, an award-winning 3D animation studio. “I also wanted to make an animation with the word ‘sperm’ in the title,” Sacha explained.

That passed the producers too.

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